Social media marketing

Media!House direct is happy to advise you when it comes to acquiring new customers from social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or blogs.

In social media marketing, we distinguish between two options to address your potential customers. In Social Media Advertising, we place social media ads on your behalf and thereby address your target audience in a precise manner. In content marketing, we collaborate with influences that bring your advertising message into the world wide web.

  1. Social media advertising

Users in this field are exceptionally receptive to advertising thanks to a “lean-back attitude”. Furthermore, demographic characteristics and user behaviour can be taken advantage of to specifically address a target audience. As a result, this field offers great potential for acquiring and communicating with customers.

Media!House direct provides you with direct support for social media ads and optimising your campaign..


  1. Content marketing

Bloggers and influencers are specialists in their subject are and are quick, influential, and straightforward. Content marketing allows you to continuously reach your target audience via relevance and involvement. Your content is always accessible via Google (content on demand).

We offer you various options for executing a content marketing campaign:

  1. Blog Marketing – Bloggers that are relevant to the target audience present your product on their blogs and share it on their social media channels.
  2. Influencer marketing on YouTube – YouTubers create a video about your product and share it with their followers.
  3. Facebook Co-Sponsoring – Media!House direct has an extensive publisher network that can recommend your Facebook campaign to its Facebook fans under its own name. Take advantage of the trust of these strong brand publishers for your fan/lead generation
  4. Content integration on news websites – Publish text in an editorial format (advertorials) on renowned publishing websites.