Ambient/out-of-home marketing

Find new customers in visited but normally advertising-free areas – whether it’s in gyms, hardware stores, hair salons, or at the bakery!

This lets you reach your target audience in their direct living or recreational environment or directly at the point of sale (POS).

Intelligent campaigns achieve a high level of awareness – people cannot change the channel, turn the page, or click away from your advertisement: An ideal foundation for acquiring new customers!

Some examples of ambient media include

You can precisely select and diversify your new customer selection process – you can even carry out very minute test portions! As a result, you can precisely reach and capitalize on the “walk-in customers” around your branch offices or stores as part of your regional or branch marketing as well! You can even carry out sampling campaigns in a location-based manner specific to your target audience.

We would be more than happy to provide you with the different methods – make your selection according to the target audiences or media for ideal customer acquisition.