Address marketing

Media!House direct would advise you in address marketing, particularly in the following advertising methods to acquire new customers:

The quality and selection options of the addresses used are of crucial importance for your mailing campaign – we advise you on the following:

If the address owner permits, we always check for the possibility of recommending your product (recommendation mailing) – as a result, you can continue to optimize your new customer acquisition process.

For address marketing, we offer you any address services that are necessary for your campaign’s success:

We guarantee that we will provide you with the “right” address list for acquiring new customers – legally, specific to your target audience, objectively, and supplier-independent.

With the help of our own databases, provide you with a complete market overview of available potential for your insert advertising in outgoing goods shipments, catalogues, invoices and in outgoing customer correspondence.

During household advertising, a decision must be made on whether it should be executed in a

manner. This advertising method allows you to achieve high market coverage with very favourable cost effectiveness: The distribution quota is up to 90% of all reachable households in the federal territory. In regional marketing/branch marketing, household advertising is often an important part of marketing.