Partner/joint advertising

In partner/joint advertising, companies from different industries join forces for a mutual advertising campaign to generate new customers/leads.

Mutual advertising campaigns are possible both in offline and online marketing. Partner flyers (e.g. in DIN A5 insert or in DIN long format), which can be used as both magazine and package inserts, are advertising media that are frequently used in offline marketing. Postcard bound-in inserts are also a form of partner advertising.

In addition, there are many different publishers of checkbooks or similar advertising media, which are often distributed via the Deutsche Post (daily post).

(Coupon) checkbooks, for instance, are also issued by shippers, airlines, or other marketing organisations.

Media!House direct assists you directly in

  • selecting and acquiring a related partner
  • in media selection/advertising medium selection
  • in execution (advertising medium creation, advertising medium production)